NSW State Election 2023 Media Kit

Young people make up a large proportion of those heading to the polls this year. Many young voters will be voting for the first time. In the lead up to the NSW Election, Youth Action has been working with a group of young people to create resources about voting.

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Please share the posts to your social media pages to support the young people you work with. For many, this may be the first time they will be voting.

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Youth Action has been working with young people to create election resources for the upcoming State Election. Please share the social media posts to your pages to support the young people you work with. Find the resources here.

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Post 1:

In the lead up to the NSW Election, Youth Action has been working with young people to develop voting resources. This is what some of the young people have said about why voting is important to them. Access the resources here.

Post 2:

For young people who can’t attend election day in person, you can vote early by post or at an early voting centre. For more information visit the NSW Electoral Commission: https://elections.nsw.gov.au/voters/voting-options/early-voting-and-pre-polling-in-person 

Post 3: 

For the federal election, voters must number every box for the House of Representatives (lower house). For the upcoming NSW Election, voters can choose to number as many boxes as they like for the Legislative Assembly (lower house). Your vote will flow up to the number of boxes you allocate.

If a candidate has the most votes but doesn’t have more than half, then voters’ preferences can be given to them to draw them over the line. A candidate must win more than half of the votes to be elected. Voters can choose not to give preferences.

Find more information about how the preferential voting system works in NSW here: https://elections.nsw.gov.au/elections/how-voting-works/voting-in-new-south-wales/how-to-cast-your-vote-in-a-state-election

Post 4:

Young people want to make informed decisions about their votes this coming NSW Election. Sources use parliamentary terms that are unfamiliar to some young people, so here are the main terms they have asked for. More definitions can be found in the glossary from the Parliamentary Education and Engagement Office: https://education.parliament.nsw.gov.au/glossary/

Post 5:

For young people who can’t attend the NSW State election on 25 March in person, you can vote early from today until 24 March at an early voting centre (excluding Sunday 19 March). To find an early voting centre near you, type in your address then click on your state district here: https://elections.nsw.gov.au/elections/find-my-electorate

Post 6:

If you are outside of NSW, there are voting locations for interstate voting across Australia and in New Zealand. You can find the voting locations here: https://elections.nsw.gov.au/…/interstate-voting… Please note that interstate voting closes on 24 March.

Post 7:

Young people who did not enrol in time can bring their NSW Driver License or NSW Photo Card to a polling centre on March 25 and speak to a Declaration Vote Issuing Officer to enrol and vote on the day 

For more information: https://elections.nsw.gov.au/voters/enrol-to-vote/i-m-not-enrolled-to-vote  


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