Youth Development

As the peak body for young people and youth services, we’re always asked what works with young people. We know that the work youth services and workers across NSW carry out every day improves outcomes for young people and draws on years of research and evolving practice. Best practice youth development means the work of youth services is consistently based on evidence of young people’s needs and how they develop.

The NSW Youth Development Framework supports evidence-based practice in NSW to increase the shared understanding and impact of youth development across the youth sector, government, social services organisations and the community.

We’re developing practice principles to provide high-level guidance on of evidence-based practice, and a practice framework that includes practice guides, training and resources to support the evidence-based practice.

Part 1: Foundation and evidence base

Youth Development in NSW

Youth Action has consolidated the current NSW, Australian and international research and frameworks for youth development into a broad literature review and combined it with the expertise of youth development practitioners and academics. The resulting paper provides an overview of:

  1. The case for investment in youth services, as adolescence is a time where investment is pivotal, and
  2. How to direct the focus and practice of youth services so they can support young people through evidence-based practice.

Download the paper here.

The 10 Elements

The research shows that there are 10 Elements to the healthy development of young people. These elements protect young people, support young people and build a platform for their success. The 10 Elements are:

  • Critical thinking and cognitive skills
  • Coping and self-management
  • Social and moral skills
  • Communication
  • Involvement in positive activities
  • Connection to family
  • Connection to peers
  • Caring and safe adults
  • Caring community
  • Positive school experience

Download the 10 Elements one-pager.