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As the Voice Referendum draws closer, Youth Action wants to support young people to access the information they need to make an informed decision on voting day. Youth Action recently met with group of young people for our Voice Referendum working group to help us prepare resources and information for young people and the youth sector. Please feel free to share the social media tiles and copy below to your networks. 

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Post 1: Where to early vote 

The Voice Referendum will be held on Saturday 14 October 2023. For young people who can’t attend the day in person, you can complete a postal vote or pre-poll vote.  

For postal voting: You can apply for a postal vote by completing a form online on the AEC website until 6pm on Wednesday 11 October 2023. 

For pre-poll voting: Early voting centres will be open from Tuesday 3 October to 13 Friday October.  

You can learn more about this on Youth Action’s website: https://youthaction.org.au/voice-referendum/ or by visiting the AEC website. 

Post 2: What is a referendum? And what is the voice to parliament? 

Here are some common questions young people have asked about the Voice Referendum: https://youthaction.org.au/voice-referendum/

Post 3: What should I do if I am unsure whether to vote yes or no? 

If you are still feeling unsure about whether to vote yes or no, there are a few things you can do to come to a decision: 

  1. Look at a wide array of coverage about the Voice to Parliament Referendum 
  2. Speak to someone you often share opinions and perspectives with 
  3. Spend some time talking to people about the Referendum.   
  4. Look to your role models or people who inspire you 
  5. Think about your personal values. 

Read more on Youth Action’s website: https://youthaction.org.au/voice-referendum/ 

Post 4: How to make an informed decision? 

When looking at information about the Voice Referendum, you should always think about whether the information you are looking at is reliable and trustworthy.  Visit Youth Action’s website to learn more about how to make an informed decision: https://youthaction.org.au/voice-referendum/ 

Post 5: How to spot disinformation   

It can be difficult to tell what information on the internet is factual and what isn’t factual. Here are some things you can look for to spot if some information is not factual: emotional language, incoherence, false dilemmas, scapegoating, personal attacks, trick questions, cherry-picking. Learn more about spotting disinformation on Youth Action’s website: https://youthaction.org.au/voice-referendum/ 

Post 6: What will the ballot look like and how properly vote 

When you receive a ballot paper, you should write ‘Yes’ if you agree with this proposed change to the Constitution, or you should write ‘No’ if you do not agree. Learn more about the Voice Referendum on our website: https://youthaction.org.au/voice-referendum/ 

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